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Football is a game of two halves; the sport can offer exhilarating highs and opportunities for children on a global scale but negative stories about players and behaviour can often dominate the press, overshadowing the positive impact that the sport can have on children’s lives.

The Premier League believe that there are many examples of admirable and positive behaviour within the game, and that football has a unique power to engage and educate children about their own behaviour and improve their social awareness.

Over the past three season years the Premier League has had great success in raising standards of behaviour with the Get On With The Game project. The project has now turned its attention to younger fans with Get On With The Game Kids. The website aims to educate and engage children on a range of social and emotional issues, including the importance of referees and people in authority, both in football and everyday life.

One of the key messages of the Get On With The Game campaign is that by getting on with each other and getting on with the ref, players are free to get on with enjoying the game.

To help capture the great enjoyment of football as a sport and social activity, four interactive games have been developed for Get On With The Game Kids. A number of the website pages link in with SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) and there is a wealth of Key Stage 2 resources to help teachers deliver lessons across all of the SEAL areas.


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Kick Off is packed full of football-fun and tricky tasks. You can put your knowledge to the test in Mighty Mind Mashers; test out your fancy footwork in Super Star Shooter; make your way through the mayhem in Goal Hunter; and put your decision-making skills to the test in Charlie's Choice.

Goal Hunter and Super Star Shooter both allow you to compare your scores with your friends on a league table. Whichever game you choose to play, make sure that you'tve got Flash Player installed on your computer to enjoy all of the interactive features.